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1 comments 2004-05-11 The Microsoft Lexicon [cinepad.com]
or Microspeak made easier

2004-05-11 22:43 pt95vma
Mangled Microspeak: A thoroughly perverted twist on the original jargon. One of the primary purposes of Microspeak, like all professional argot, is of course to separate the insiders from the outsiders via largely impenetrable terms and phrases. Mangled Microspeak essays a further refinement by attempting to separate the insiders from the true insiders by garbling typical Microterms—e.g., "burning a lot of cycles" becomes "toasting many scooters"; "drill down" becomes "shovel deeply." Always used orally, and often spoken, for some reason that probably relates to ancient Saturday Night Live skits, in a heavy, indeterminate European accent.

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