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1 comments 2003-12-26 Security with string APIs [and.org]
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2003-12-26 23:28 Johan
jfr maskiner vs. männisor:

*Humans* just don't do that well with repeated tasks, in fact I'd say that given a formula of "do X marginally difficult thing Y times" X has to get smaller exponentially as Y gets bigger ... and when dealing with string types in code Y gets very big. The only tenable solution is to make X be 0. The way to do that is to have all of your string operations go through an API that guarantees you can't overflow buffers. This means that for the API X is comparatively large but Y, the problem of not overflowing a buffer, is reduced to 1. Whereas for each call to the API (which is a lot so Y is big), X is zero.

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