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2 comments 2003-12-05 Linux Router Project R.I.P [linuxrouter.org]
"I've looked quite a bit for some stable work, but plumbers make more hourly then Sys Admins in South Florida. Either I move to California (never!) or move on. I am now reserved to do the latter. With LRP remaining an unachievable goal I don't even feel m

2003-12-05 23:19 pt95vma
"My eternal disregard also goes out to those that thought they had something to do with LRP but really did nothing for it but complain on the mailing list, and to those that did do something with LRP and never tried to collaborate with me to further the project."

2003-12-05 23:16 pt95vma
Medaljens baksida (eller skall man säga Opensource baksida):

"My many contributions to the computing community has reaped very little personal benefit for myself. As I now struggle to pay the bills I can not help but feel quite pissed off at the state of affairs, for myself and the other authors who contributed massive amounts of time and quality work, only to have it whored by companies not willing to give back dime one to the people that actually created what it is they sell. Acknowledgement and referral would have at least been acceptable. Few companies do even that. "

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