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2 comments 2003-12-05 Economist.com | Rags to riches [economist.com]
"Chadians are unaccustomed to handling large ammounts of cash" "One celebrated by taking a bath in beer. Another left his mud hut and went to stay in a four-star hotel in the capital, Ndjamena, for a couple of weeks."

2003-12-05 22:51 pt95vma
Patterns, everywhere patterns.

När jag bodde i Kristianstad så ägde vi ett hus. Efter ett par år slängde vi ut familjen som hyrde ena halvan av huset.

När vi gick från att ha 5 rum,kök, badrum och toalett, till 10 rum, 2 kök, 2 toaletter och 2 badrum (på 4 personer) så drabbades vi av platsbrist.

2003-12-05 16:43 pt95vma
"Paradoxically, unearned wealth tends to bust budgets. Everyone thinks the country is richer than it really is, so politicians spend a fortune on pointless prestige projects, and citizens clamour for handouts. This is how Nigeria got its artificial capital city, and how Saudi Arabia came to be saddled with more than 20,000 expensive princes. None of the extra spending is cut back during cyclical oil price slumps, so the lucky petro-states end up horribly in debt. Worst of all, oil fuels wars (in Sudan, for example), by making control of the state a prize lucrative enough to kill for."

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