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1 comments 2003-06-16 The Korea Herald : Ministry to develop robot guards [koreaherald.co.kr]
"... including those that can manufacture liquid crystal displays and plasma display panels, act as guards in the army, educate children and assist disabled persons. "

2003-06-16 21:09 erik
"He predicts the government will have to excuse about 10,000 people from military service so that they can work in the information technology, nano-technology and bio-technology fields in the next two to three years."

Å vad gör Sverige... jo, bygger en TUNNEL UNDER MALMÖ!!! Å en RINGLED RUNT STOCKHOLM!! Japanerna, Kineserna, Tyskarna, Koreanerna och Amerikanerna darrar av skräck. Sverige ska bygga EN TUNNEL under MALMÖ. SE UPP, VÄRLDEN! Nu SATSAR man i Sverige.



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