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2 comments 2003-03-13 Dominance in Space Makes General 'Pity the Enemy' [scoop.co.nz]
"we're so dominant in space that I would pity a country that would come up against us".

2003-03-17 11:47 erik
"He said the United States has a ground system that can read the lettering on a basketball out about 25,000 miles. But it's weather dependent."

2003-03-13 17:21 erik
Verkar bli lite datorspelande över det hela. Med tillräckligt många satelliter blir skillnaden mellan riktigt krig och Command and Conquer mindre o mindre.

Får en osökt att tänka på den här dialogen...

"David Lightman: What is the primary goal?

Joshua: To win the game.

David Lightman: Is it a game...or is it real?

Joshua: What is the difference? You are a hard to reach."

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