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3 comments 2003-03-05 God, Satan and the Media [nytimes.com]

2003-03-05 10:16 apl
78.3 % av all statistik är felaktig.

2003-03-05 10:13 k-rist
Dikt, förbannad lögn och statistik?

2003-03-05 09:08 apl
"President Bush has said that he doesn't believe in evolution (he thinks the jury is still out). President Ronald Reagan felt the same way, and such views are typically American. A new Gallup poll shows that 48 percent of Americans believe in creationism, and only 28 percent in evolution (most of the rest aren't sure or lean toward creationism). According to recent Gallup Tuesday briefings, Americans are more than twice as likely to believe in the devil (68 percent) as in evolution."

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