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3 comments 2003-03-04 Building Communities with Software [joelonsoftware.com]

2003-03-04 11:05 stoffisimo
Det skiljer sig i en (förklarlig) punkt från mejlinglistans artikel:

Q. Sometimes posts appear and disappear. This is a bug, right?

A. Not one that I'm aware of.

But there is a trick going on. If you post something and it
gets deleted, we'll use a cookie to actually continue to show
you your own post. We just don't show it to anyone else in the
world. 9 times out of 10, you won't even know your post has
been deleted. If you delete cookies or go to another computer,
you may catch us, but most of the time people don't even notice
that their post was removed.

Why would we do such a sneaky thing? Let me explain. Everyone,
even people who just posted irrelevant Ponzi-scheme spam,
thinks their post is the most beautiful and appropriate thing
on earth and that it should live a long and happy live. If they
see it deleted, they get angry. Now the adrenaline is rushing.
They wanna FIGHT. They don't crawl back in a hole. They post
again. Then they post again. Then they write little bots to
post post POST. Then they get scripts and launch DoS attacks on
our servers. It becomes a fun little war for them. They're
having a good old time while we're just trying to get work

If we can eliminate 90% of the people whose posts are deleted
from even noticing that their posts were deleted, I can save
90% of the stupid h4ck0r Wars and adrenaline rushes and general
waste of time. A lot of these people are in high school, they're
bright, they have nothing to do from 2PM until mommy comes home
and makes them wash the dishes, but I have a job and a company
to run.

Which explains, by the way, why this article went out via
email. I don't really want this knowledge to become readily
available online for quick-reference by people trying to figure
out how to waste my time. This message will go to about 18,000
people who know me well enough to trust me with their email
address. If it were an article on the web site, we would have a
perpetual problem of people finding it online, reading it, and
deciding that testing the limits would be a fun way to spend
the school holidays.

2003-03-04 10:53 stoffisimo
Varför inte?

2003-03-04 10:48 erik


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