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5 comments 2003-02-13 Ericsson sparkar 1.200 [di.se]
It will get worse.

2003-02-14 11:15 pt95vma
Och dagen efter så går det inte att skicka epost till vissa Ericsson avdelningar. Någon tjurig sys-adm ?

2003-02-13 17:23 erik
Man kan ju inte jobba i London. Då blir man ju sönderbombad. Det har jag läst i Aftonbladet.

2003-02-13 13:53 k-rist
Annars anställer vi här också :)

2003-02-13 12:37 stoffisimo
It will get better.


2003-02-13 10:31 erik
Fick det här i mailboxen... iaf nånstans det anställs.

Hi All,
I have a huge requirement for Data warehousing proffesionals
with one of the largest fortune 100 companies based in INDIA. They
are looking for professionals working on Cognos, BO or Informatica
(ETL) with a minimum of 1 end to end warehousing project experiance.

There are total vacancies of around 350 professionals starting from a
practise leader to a consultant…..

Intrested members can revert back ASAP on itresumes_in@yahoo.com and
can also CC to hric@consultant.com

In case of any Queries do message me .....

Eager to know you all


Sucharith Menon

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