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1 comments 2003-01-29 The Marshall Plan [wired.com]
One future intelligence problem: knowing what drugs the other guys are on.

2003-01-29 14:58 erik
Uhm. "we'll pick up and capitalize on". Bra eller dåligt?

"The Swedes are an interesting case. For 200 years their basic problem was the possibility of a large-scale land invasion by the Russians. They've decided that that has gone away. If anything could happen, it would happen across the Baltic. So they're rethinking, given modern technology, how to create a defense largely on sea frontiers. It's possible that they will make some innovations that we'll pick up and capitalize on.

For instance?

They've designed three new naval vessels. One is an air-independent submarine [running on fuel cells rather than nuclear power, which allows it to travel almost silently and remain submerged for extended periods]. They have a surface ship that's a bit more conventional. And then a radically new naval vessel called the Visby, which has practically no metal in it other than the engine. It's constructed to be very stealthy."

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