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2 comments 2002-11-26 The Year 2003 Demotivators Calendar [despair.com]

2002-11-26 17:47 erik
(From the inside of the calendar...)

"CHANGE. IT seems like only yesterday our media and business leaders proclaimed that technology and innovation had defeated the business cycle. They spoke of a golden horizon of limitless possibilities. Yet today, that bright horizon has been darkened. A mighty economy has faltered, consumer confidence has plummeted and an endless procession of corporate scandals has turned the chief executive from an object of worship into an object of scorn.

In this time of unprecedented crisis, the executive has never been more at risk of losing control of the workforce he, or very occasionally she, is commissioned with leading. How then can business leaders possibly motivate employees that no longer trust or respect them?

At Despair Inc., we believe that intimidation is the only effective tool left to the beleagured executive of today, and we designed our 2003 calendar with that very aim in mind! With designs like "Get to Work", "Intimidation", "Flattery" and "Motivation", executives will create a work environment where servility is demanded, sycophancy is rewarded and job security is an oxymoron. This year, the executive strikes back!

2002-11-26 17:29 erik

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