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2 comments 2002-11-24 Metaphilm - The Matrix [metaphilm.com]
a special four-part series on The Matrix

2002-11-24 13:12 erik
"In other words, the Wachowskis seem to have posed themselves this question: How do you speak seriously to a culture reduced to the format of comic books and video games? Answer: You tell them a story from the only oracle they’ll listen to, a movie, and you tell the story in the comic-book and video-game format that the culture has become so addicted to. In other words, The Matrix is a graduate thesis on consciousness in the sheep’s clothing of an action-adventure flick. Whether you’re illiterate or have a PhD, there’s something in the movie for you."

2002-11-24 13:05 erik
"The ’content’ of a medium is like the juicy piece of meat that the burglar throws to distract the watchdog of the mind."

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