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3 comments 2002-09-21 Questions for Gary Kasparov [nytimes.com]
"It plays like a God."

2002-09-21 17:07 erik
Hehe. Kasparov: världens bäste schackspelare som förlorat både mot en dator och mot en tjej.

Han kanske passar i nästa års http://www.despair.com/ kalender.

"Failure. When your best just isn't good enough." (bild på Kasparov lutad över schackbordet med svettig överläpp och stirrig blick).

2002-09-21 16:51 stoffisimo
fark.com länkar idag till:


"The Rest of the World retained a slender lead over Russia at the end of another remarkable day's play at the Kremlin Palace the highlight of which was the first victory for the highest ever rated woman Judit Polgar over the highest ever rated man Garry Kasparov"

Det var väl närmare än vad Kasparov trodde. :)

2002-09-21 13:37 erik
Förrutom att han uppenbarligen inser att han kommer att förlora mot datorn är det här rätt intressant:

"- How does that square with your statement ''Women by nature
are not exceptional chess players''?

- Yeah, O.K. It's not me. It's a matter of life. The situation in women's chess is dramatically improving, but remember, 40 years ago, Fischer was proudly saying, ''I could give one knight'' -- an extra knight -- ''for any
female player.'' Now I wonder whether I could be so prudent to give a pawn. The gap is closing. It's still a long way
to go. I don't think it will be equal, but it'll be close."

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