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2 comments 2005-03-09 Andy Kessler: WSJ: Sirius Business [andykessler.com]
Mer om satelitradio. En diskussion om hur industrin skall bli hållbar. Lägger in mitt favoritstycke om tekniken som en codemode-kommentar

2005-03-09 09:00 pt95vma

Your current valuation implies some five million subscribers you may never have. Cable finessed this with a concept called homes passed, assuming they would eventually get them as subs. If every car has your radio, get Wall Street to value you on Autos Attached or some other stupid metric. They’ll fall for it.

2005-03-09 08:59 pt95vma
Technology – Radio is as old as Guglielmo Marconi, who crackled the airwaves in 1895. For goodness sake, change your name to Sirius Media Networks. And more than TV, radio is a local business, and a $21 billion business at that. Put a GPS device in every radio and pipe local ads to listeners. Add a color display and hmmm, video ads. Stick a disk drive in your radios too, and turned them into audio Tivo machines. That’s what we all really want. Get Apple to do it for you, call it iRadio, use teal cases, and you’ll sell millions. A unique ID in radios means messaging shouldn’t be hard to implement. Eventually, you should be able to get everything down to one secure, proprietary chip. Then write some drivers for Linux and watch 10 million Open Source programmers create cool new features almost daily.

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